Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today's 2nd Nugget: The Writing Timeline

In my free time, I read scripts for fellow writers, many who have gotten their 1st request for their spec script in response to a query. I've noticed that new writers often short change themselves on time when writing under a deadline.

They think the process is easy:
1. Write the script
2. Wait until the last minute to get coverage
3. Tweak & send it in

More often than not, the coverage/notes (well, at least my coverage/notes) will likely blow their script wide open & create a bunch more work. (After all, coverage isn't just about the objective edits, but the things only experience can spot - trends, cliches, failure to push the story, stakes, pacing, etc.)

That's why the professional level writer knows to:
1. Write the script
2. Rewrite
3. Rewrite
4. Get notes or paid coverage
5. Pull oneself up off the ground
6. Rewrite the messy draft
7. Rewrite the sloppy draft
8. Rewrite the semi-coherent draft
9. Rewrite the least embarrassing draft
10. Deliver a draft and collapse

WHAT I LEARNED: Help me help you. Get help sooner than later.

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