Monday, April 14, 2014

TODAY'S NUGGET: The Proposal (2009) - The Rom-Com Moment That Whets My Appetite

[Quick Summary: To avoid deportation, a book editor cons her assistant into a fake engagement.]

I love the rom-com moments when the two characters connect...and then are separated.

The tension just whets my appetite.

ex.  Richard has just rescued Margaret, and they are laughing. [Finally, they have connected!]

"The two stare at each other for a beat. There's a real spark. They might kiss.

RICHARD: Gertrude wants me back. [Uh-oh. A real monkey wrench.]

Whoah. Not what she was expecting. She looks down. [Confusion is good fuel.]


RICHARD: Well. It seemed like you were having...second thoughts. [He fishes around the unknown. Will she confess how she really feels?]

MARGARET: Yeah. I was. [Ugh. She gives the socially acceptable answer.]

RICHARD: Maybe we should do it. Come clean.

MARGARET: Put me down.

Richard puts Margaret down near the boat. She tries to regain her composure.

MARGARET: You wanna call it off?  [Oh no! She retreats to save face.]

RICHARD: If you do.

MARGARET: Fine. It's over. We'll tell them when we get back."

As this scene ends, there is heightened tension and questions.

This is what keeps me turning the pages...what happens next?!?

WHAT I'VE LEARNED: I must believe there's a LEGITIMATE reason (i.e., how Richard feels about Gertrude) for them not to be together.

Without it, the tension just doesn't exist.

The Proposal (2009)
by Peter Chiarelli

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