Sunday, August 31, 2014

MY 1st GRATITUDE DAY: I Will Read Your 10 Pages for Free* (*See Stipulations)

Recently, I received several kindnesses out of the blue.

I was floored.  I didn't expect them, didn't deserve them, and each one came at the exact right time.

As I look back though, I wish I'd passed the kindnesses on.

So in honor of those persons, I've decided to offer my two cents and troubleshooting skills to 30 writers in the next 30 days.

I will read any 10 pages of your scripts for free.

Here's the fine print:

1.  I will take the first 30 writers to email me with their attached 10 pages.

2.  I have sole discretion who makes the cut.

3.  I will send an email to you if you made the cut. 

4.  I will read the scripts in the order that they arrive.

5.  I will read whichever 10 pages you choose, but ONLY those 10 pages.*

6.  I will send you one (maybe two) paragraph(s) of feedback.

7.  You e-mail must include:

- 10 pages (PDF format).  Do not send the entire script.
- One specific question on which you would like my input.
- Acceptable question: "I'm having trouble with the dialogue. Suggestions?"
 - Unacceptable question: "Why doesn't this make sense?"

8.  If you've read any of my posts, you know this blog is about LEARNING.  

At the end of 30 days, I plan to blog about what I'm learning/seeing in these scripts, i.e., trends, mistakes, problems, etc. 

I will not talk about your script in particular, but may discuss it generally:

ex.  "The most common mistake I've seen in the sci-fi scripts I've gotten..."
ex.  "One writer did X; other writers did Y."

If you're uncomfortable/weirded out/suspicious, DO NOT submit.

9.  If you submit, you agree to all the stipulations above.

Got it?

I look forward to meeting you on the page.

* Do not keep sending me updated or revised pages, like a client I once had.

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