Monday, October 20, 2014

TODAY'S NUGGET: Analyze This (1999) - Setting the Right Tone, Rhythm, Pacing

[Quick Summary: A psychiatrist gets roped into psychoanalyzing a mobster.]


There's such a great tone from the start - funny, sharp, poignant, and crazy readable all at once.

I think much of it is due to rhythm and pacing.

Within the first ten pages, there are:

- Interesting introduction of co-leads
- Funny jokes
- Rip-your-heart-out-moment
- Strong theme (father-son dynamics)

ex. BEN (fuming): Okay. Listen, for two seconds, pretend I'm not your father. I'm just some guy, okay?

MICHAEL: You gonna vent?

BEN: Yeah. (venting) I hate her! I really hate her! (a beat, then brightly) Okay. Dad again. Let's go.

WHAT I'VE LEARNED: Can one learn this kind of rhythm? I wish I knew how it's done.

Analyze This (1999)
by Peter Tolan, Harold Ramis, & Kenneth Lonergan
Story by Kenneth Lonergan & Peter Tolan

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