Monday, November 3, 2014

TODAY'S NUGGET: Goonies (1985) - Real Stakes = Strong Motive

[Quick Summary: Kids from the wrong side of the tracks ("goonies") hunt for buried treasure.]

Bad news: This script is approximately 134 pgs.

Good news: This 134 pg. script is chock full of how to involve the reader in your adventure.

ex. "Data sees himself as Agent 007. Data STANDS on the window of his home. He has ATTACHED himself to a clothes line that CONNECTS Mikey's house to Data's. A LARGE PORTABLE CASSETTE player is STRAPPED to Data's chest. The Bond Theme BLARES from the cassette."

Bad news: I wanted to share an early draft of this script, but it isn't available online.

Good news: I read the early draft for you.

It was good, but I was impressed how the later draft deepened my investment in the characters.

ex. In the early draft, Mikey and friends went after buried treasure because they were bored, and it was summer.

This motive seemed weak. 

However, in the later draft, Mikey went after the treasure because he was losing his home the next day.

These real stakes = strong motive. This make-believe world suddenly became much more three dimensional to me.

WHAT I'VE LEARNED: If you find the right motive for your character, I will likely buy whatever you tell me about that character.

Goonies (1985)(4th draft)
by Christopher Columbus

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