Monday, February 8, 2016

2016 OSCARS: Spotlight (2015) - Unexpected Theme; Subtext

[Quick Summary: Boston Globe's Spotlight team tracks down secret settlements and lawsuits that proved the Archdiocese had knowledge its priests were molesting children.]

Before you:
- Avoid reading this script because of the subject matter...
- Skip it because "you know what happens"...
- Get too stagnant and only read stuff that's comfortable...

This script is for you (and me).

You see:
- I didn't want to read this if it was graphic or salacious.
- I thought I knew what the theme was (abuse of power).
- I run out of ideas if I'm in my comfort zone too long.

I discovered:
- The script is very respectful, and not graphic or salacious.
- At the end, the theme was better, more thought provoking than I could see coming.
- I learn more when pushed outside my comfort zone.

I also have renewed appreciation for the effectiveness of subtext. Here, Barbara subtly pressures her husband Robby to conform.


Robby gets in. She pulls off.

BARBARA: How'd you play?

ROBBY: Not too bad. Shoulda left my putter at home.

BARBARA: How's Jimmy?

ROBBY: Good. He brought up the suit.

BARBARA: Really? What'd he say?

ROBBY: He was thrilled about it.

BARBARA: It's not a surprise, Robby. The Church does a lot a good in this town.

Robby nods, but something about that doesn't sit right."

WHAT I'VE LEARNED: The theme (sort of) announced at the end truly surprised me. It was there all along, but I wasn't looking for it.

Spotlight (2015)
by Josh Singer & Tom McCarthy

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