Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 OSCARS: Amour (2012) - Anatomy of Loss

[Quick Summary: After a wife suffers two strokes, her loving husband struggle to cope.]

I admit I was not looking forward to reading this Oscar nominated script.

Would a husband caring for his dying wife keep my interest?

The answer is YES.

Anna's husband Georges is losing his vibrant wife in increments.

The script shines as each scene shows the loss, and then how Georges overcomes it.

The losses begin small.

ex. Anna goes mute for a few seconds. Georges panics.

Then they become larger.

ex. Anna becomes incontinent. Georges cleans up.

Then a great big avalanche.

ex. He covers up Anne's spiraling decline from their daughter.

I felt this escalating structure rather than saw it.  I was too worried how upbeat Georges would face the next decision.

Now that's good writing!

WHAT I'VE LEARNED:  I became more invested as the losses grew.

The increase in tension and suspense were a nice side benefit.

Amour (2012)
by Michael Haneke

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