Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TODAY'S NUGGET: Mass Feeding Frenzy

Recently, I saw something that I normally do not see: Development folks in a frenzied excitement over a script.

Apparently the script hit LA in the last couple of days & the email inquiries came in fast & furious. Is the script as good as the logline? Does it deliver what it promises? Who has it? Has anyone read the script? What is it like?

Here's my two cents why the concept & logline have the jaded in LA excited:

1. It's a recognizable, bankable story. The premise is CLEAR & is a tale that expands its genre, rather than a repeat of the same old, same old.

ex. Pirates of the Caribbean expanded the pirate genre, rather than repeated the same old story.

2. The logline moves. Yes, the logline BRISTLES with action. It has active verbs, and is not static.

3. There are STAKES. Already, I'm worried about the characters. For me, this is the toughest part to get into a logline.

4. There are characters who must overcome their FLAWS, or all is lost. The entire story hinges on the protagonist doing the right thing. We're rooting for this character even though we haven't seen a trailer or poster. This is key for marketing people. It's going to be easy to sell to audiences seeking someone they want to grow up to be like.

WHAT I LEARNED: Scriptdreric on Twitter said it best: "Most script readers [execs, assistants, etc.] actually WANT your screenplay to be good. We'd love to find that next big hit."

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David said...

I"m guessing the script in question was ABDUCTION?

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