Friday, December 18, 2009

TODAY'S NUGGET: Good Title = Leg Up

At this prod. co., we get to choose scripts to read from a pile. As a writer myself, I always find it interesting what the other readers grab first, and what they leave to others to read.

Today I gazed at the bottom of the pile - about 5 scripts that no one wanted to touch, myself included.

The first script I did not like the title.

Two scripts were true life stories whose titles were unappealing.

So I had to choose between the remaining three. Two hit me as boring and I ended up with the one that might be somewhat entertaining.

I think the first key to having the readers fight over your script is to have a good title. What makes a good one?

I don’t like “Untitled Project.”

I don’t like titles that need explanation. Ex. “Skating 3-D” doesn’t tell me much, except it might be an animated movie.

I do like titles that capture my imagination. ex. "Interview with a Vampire" is an instantly intriguing title because how’d that person get to interview a notoriously reclusive vampire?

I do like mysteries, so I’m a fan of titles that make me curious or are a play on words. Ex. “Up in the Air” is more than a guy in a plane. “It’s Complicated” made me curious about what was so complicated?

WHAT I’VE LEARNED: Can a title put your script at the bottom of the pile? Yes...I’ve got 5 to show you.

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