Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today's Nugget: These Are Your Odds

I'm reading scripts at a mid-sized production co. & we don't take unsolicited submissions. So how do the scripts get here? It's amazing.

Every executive here from the top man to the low man gets them from agencies, other production companies, studios. They basically want scripts from reliable sources.

So what are your odds if you did get in the door? I thought I'd do a little math:

On average, we get about 40 scripts a week. Sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on the season.

Let's say there are about 5 interns/readers/assistants to cover the bulk of the scripts. Some people don't come in every day, so estimate the group covers 15 scripts a week (or about 38%).

Of that 38%, how many get a consider? I'm guessing maybe 3-4 (about 13% of the original 40).

And mind you, the scripts being read today are usually the scripts that didn't get read last week & the week before & the week before. The current week's incoming scripts usually have a lag time of a couple weeks...unless you're the hot script. Then you get the A-1 priority rush coverage (which I've done too.)

WHAT I'VE LEARNED: These are your odds. What are you going to do about it? You must have a polished high concept product that shines from page 1 and sucks the reader in. Don't provoke the reader with misspellings, dense black print on the page or failure to entertain.

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