Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TODAY'S 2nd NUGGET: Gasket Mad

I am about to breathe fire. I'm gasket erupting, grenade throwing, punching a hole in the cubicle mad.

I just read a 120+ pg. script that lacks structure, plot, characters, or dialogue. The only person who has an arc is a minor character. The main characters don't face real obstacles.

Let me lay out the framework: Essentially, a group decides to go on a trip. They plan for the trip. They discuss the trip.

This is not a story, much less a film.

Whoever came up with the concept probably had a bright idea, but not a story. Examples of bright ideas that go nowhere: "Let's go on a road trip!" "Let's bungee jump at midnight!" "Let's eat dirt for fun!"

Furthermore, the story has no legs because 1) there is no central conflict, thus, there is nothing to write about, so, 2) it goes off on meaningless tangents.

WHAT I"VE LEARNED: I feel insulted. I feel disrespected. Every time I crack open a script, I hope this will be the one I can champion. But then I get this kind of treatment?

Makes me not want to take my toys and go home. I do not want to play with you.

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